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Redefining Hope
for Immigrant Children

Changing Lives Since 1989: A 501(c)3 based in Miami providing Legal Guardianship for American Children of Immigrants, Comprehensive Support, and National-Level Advocacy.

Stand with Nora Sandigo, the legal guardian
to 1,200+ children, in our mission to provide safe haven to immigrant children.

We Support

We support

Community Gatherings: Every other Sunday, we unite as a collective family. It's a day filled with bonding, laughter, and shared meals. Join us and experience the genuine warmth of togetherness.


Support & Resources: As our gathering concludes, every family receives a wholesome food parcel. Additionally, we provide curated health service referrals from our esteemed healthcare partners, ensuring well-being for all.

We Educate

We educate

Workshops: Knowledge is empowerment. We regularly conduct educational workshops tailored for both families and children, ensuring they're equipped with essential life skills.


Technology Access: In this digital age, we bridge the technology gap by providing children with laptops and internet access, ensuring they remain connected and competitive in their academic pursuits.

We guard

The heart of our foundation lies in the 1500 children we've guarded over the years since 2009. 

Legal Support: We provide immigrant families with invaluable legal advice and connect them with dedicated pro bono lawyers.

Reunification: Heartbreak turns to joy as we've successfully reunified over 70 families since 2009.

Guardianship: Nora Sandigo's embrace extends to over 1500 children, offering them guardianship and a promise of a brighter tomorrow.

We Guard

We advocate

Our advocacy efforts have historical roots. We played a pivotal role in the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act of 1997 (NACARA), championing the rights of many immigrants.

Our passionate team, combined with the dedication of over 40 active volunteers, forms the backbone of our advocacy efforts. Together, we're a force for change.

We Advocate
Support Us

Guardianship, Advocacy, Care: Our Commitment to Every Child.

Be Part of the Movement Creating a Haven for 1200+ children

Every gesture of support, big or small, has the power to change lives. Stand with us and champion the rights and futures of immigrant children.


Join Us


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